Full Environmental Policy

Our Mission

Barclay Suites is on a mission to improve sustainable practices, recycle more, save water, reduce electricity, use eco-friendly chemicals and find new ways to green our operations. Barclay Suites aims to achieve a minimum Qualmark Enviro Silver rating

Sustainable Practices

  • Our teams donate time to the Keep the New Zealand Beautiful programme
  • Every year we sponsor a local or national environmental organization or project
  • Developing and updating our eco training and resources for all our team members
  • Incorporating our environmental commitment into our business decisions such as using local sourced produce and eco-friendly partners like our green drycleaner who recycles hangers and has bio-degradable bags
  • Complying with and exceeding environmental legislation, plans and policies through our commitment to a silver level Qual Mark Enviro rating at all times

Recycle & Re-use

- Recycling programme in place at our hotel and head office
- Reminder notes in our reception, reservations and cleaning rooms to recycle
- Partnering with suppliers who have an environmental focus such as our drycleaning partner who has a clothes hanger and garment bag recycling programme
- Having guest recycling bins in every room
- Option for guests to reuse towels and linens to save water and reduce detergents

Reduce Energy, Water Use And Waste

- Use of energy saving LED lights in all areas of the hotel
- Use of renewable geothermal gas and hydro-electric electricity energy sources
- Sensor activated lights in public areas
- Using electronic communications rather than paper where possible
- All our electronic communications contain a reminder to consider the environment before printing
- Where paper is used it will be recycled or acid free, carbon neutral and sourced from sustainable forests
- Regular room maintenance checks to address issues such as leaky taps
- Water saving devices such as showerheads and dual flush toilets in our rooms
- Bi-annual waste practice review to ensure efficient operations
- Biodegradable bin liners and bags in all rooms, hotels and head office

Eco Friendly Chemicals

- Use of eco-friendly, natural plant enzyme based cleaners for hotel cleaning
- In-room bio-degradable options for laundry and dishwashing cleaners

Customer Involvement

- In room reminders about recycling bins and recycling where possible
- In room reminders about simple energy and water saving actions from turning off lights to eco-wash options
- Option for guests to reuse towels and linens to save water and reduce detergents
- Providing guests with walking and cycling maps and walking and cycling tour options